Our menu

starters and in between snacks

Fresh mixed salad with herbal dressing,
and a choice of stir-fried turkey stripes or prawns

- as a starter
- as a main course

€ 14,80
€ 17,80
Beef filet carpaccio marinated with lemon pepper, combined with
roasted pine nuts, rocket salad, fresh horseradish and a hearty Allgäu cheese

                 € 14,50

Homemade marinated salmon on fried grated potatoes
with Wasabi cream and Sakura cress

            € 11,50

Fresh salads and
yogurt dressing

   € 5,80

Beef Tartar made of local beef
with salad bouquet and potato chips

          € 16,50

something from the stock pot

Creamy tomato soup
with basil pesto and cream topping
                                                   € 6,50

Bouillon of prime boiled beef
with a choice of homemade herb crepes stripes

           € 5,80

Homemade German raviolis served in a boullion
and in butter tossed onions

€ 6,50

Coconut-lemon grass soup
with ginger and turkey-pineapple skewer 

           € 6,80

some meat

Juicy turkey steak with fries
and fresh vegetables

                         € 18,50

Gratiné pork medaillons wrapped in bacon
with homemade butter noodles and vegetables

      € 19,50

Original Vienesse veal Schnitzel
with cranberries and potato-cucumber salad

€ 20,80

"Allgäu" Cordon bleu (veal)
Schnitzel stuffed with different cheese and cooked ham
served with fried potatoes

 € 22,50

"Allgäu" beef roast topped with fried onions
and cheese Spaetzle

€ 24,50

Maximilian Burger made of local beef
with Allgäu cheese, crispy bacon, fried onions, tomato,
cucumber and hot peppers, served with potato wedges

€ 20,80

pan-fried local beef

Rump steak (ca. 200 gr.)                                              € 24,80
Entrecôte steak (ca. 200 gr.) € 27,80
Beef tenderloin steak (ca. 200 gr.) € 29,80

All steaks are served with herbal butter, one side dish and a sauce of your choise.

Sauces: (extra sauce € 1,50)
Creamy pepper sauce, BBQ-sauce, sour cream herb sauce, Chimichurri

Side dishes (extra side dish € 3,00)
Potatoe gratiné, fries, fried potatoe, bakes potatoe, spinach, bacon beans, vegetables

from the water

Ottobeurer salmon trout
on a crayfish risotto with green asparagus

€ 22,50
Grilled jumbo prawns
on a Peperonata with pesto fettuccine

€ 22,50
Crispy fried zander
with fresh baby spinach and mashed truffle potatoes

  € 21,50

happy without meet

Cheese Spaetzle "Allgäu" with fried onions
and a mixed salad
€ 11,50

with grilled mediteranian vegetables
and parmesan cheese chips    

     € 13,50

Truffeled noodles
with tagliatelle and crunchy vegetables

€ 16,80

Snack time

Bavarian sausage salad made of Lyoner sausage
with tomatoes, pickles and spring onion rings

 - with a hearty Allgäu cheese

€ 9,80

      € 11,50

Club Sandwich
with eggs, fried bacon, ham, hearty cheese, tomato,
cucumber and salad and with potato chips

- with turkey stripes
- mit roast beef

 € 13,50
€ 17,50
Veggie Toast
with spinach, tomato, mushrooms, fried egg and Feta cheese 
and a fresh garden salad

 € 12,80

and finally

Apple fritters
topped with cinnamon sugar and vanilla ice cream

€ 7,80

Crème Brûlée of Tahiti vanilla
served with fresh fruits

€ 7,80

Variations made of chocolate:
Chocolate soufflé, Mousse au Chocolat and
withe Pina Colada ice cream                

€ 9,80



a.) glutenous crop / crops

b.) shellfishes

c.) Eggs

d.) fish

e.) peanuts

f.) soy beans

g.) milk, lactose

h.) edible nuts e.g. nuts

i.) celery

j.) mustard

k.) sesame

l.) sulfur dioxide, sulphites

m.) lupines

n.) molluscs

o.) preservatives

p.) flavor enhancer

q.) stabilizers

r.) antioxidant

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