Exciting Excursions in Allgäu

Are you one of those guests who likes to go on an excursion? Then take a look at our list of exciting and worthwhile excursions in Allgäu!

Memmingen: city of gates and towers (10 km)

Memmingen is just 10 km away, the 850-year-old town of towers and gates, gables and facades at the edge of Allgäu is worth a visit.  In the adorable old town you will find splendid buildings, guild and patrician houses. St. Martin with one of the most beautiful gothic choirs, the "Frauenkirche", with Strigel paintings from the 15th C., and the "Kreuzherrnkirche", one of the jewels of the Upper Swabian Barockstraße, are all important churches. 

Farm Museum Illerbeuren: travel back in time (20 km)

The 30 originally equipped houses and farms of the Swabian Farm Museum show visitors how people lived long ago. 

Mindelheim: medieval town with a crèche and clock-tower museum (22 km)

A walk through historic Mindelheim with its colourful houses puts visitors in a good mood. High above the town sits the medieval fortress "Mindelburg" where every three years 2.500 participants dress up in costumes and put on an incomparable medieval spectacle. Every year on Ascension Day a trooper camp is set up. Mindelheim is also a carneval stronghold and a jazz-day location in the spring. 

Museums: Swabian Clock Tower Museum,  Swabian Crèche Museum, Textile museum, South Swabian Archeology Museum, Carl Millner Gallery, Museum of Local History. Also worthwhile: the Mindelheim churches, especially the late baroque Jesuit church "Maria Verkündigung", an important sacred building in Swabia.

Cambodunum: Gallo-Roman temple area
in Kempten (ca. 30 km)

The Gallo-Roman Temple area throws you back two thousand years into history to Kempten, one of the oldest towns in Germany and the "Capital of the Allgäu". One interesting fact: Kempten has two town centres that came into being as a result of the century-long parallel co-existence of the Kempten Abbey and the former imperial city. 

Allgäu Skyline Park in Bad Wörishofen: Pure adrenaline (30 km)

If you like roller coasters, you will love the Allgäu Skyline Park with its many attractions such as the Sky Wheel – the highest upside-down roller coaster in the world –, the Sky Shot – a ball that shoots you 90m into the air – and the Sky Circle – that spins you around at 120 kmh. Adrenaline and exhileration is guaranteed.

Thermal Bath Bad Wörishofen: South Sea feeling   (approx. 40 km)

For everyone 16 and up who loves water and warmth in a Southern Pacific atmosphere: The Thermal Spa in Bad Wörishofen is a paradise of palm trees and orchids with thermal water and a large sauna landscape. For families there is a separate sport bath, blueFUN.

Sightseeing excursions farther away in Allgäu

  • Ulmer Cathedral, world's tallest church tower (65 km)
  • Füssen with King Kudwig II's Schloss Neuschwanstein (70 km)
  • Oberstdorf, Kleinwalsertal, Ski jumping hill (75 km)
  • Lake Constance, the "Swabian Sea", with the pictoresque medieval town of Lindau and the Flower Island Mainau (80 km)

Tip for spelunkers: "Sturmannshöhle" cave in Obermaiselstein (approx. 70 km)

Take the well-secured stairs 300m down into the only fissure cave in Allgäu, along the 120mio-year-old rock formations, past the Cave Throat, Cave Bowl and the Dragon's Gate.  The Cave Stream gurgles and murmeers below you. Several tours per day.

The Obermaiselstein Fable Path takes you over hills and through woods and informs you at artistic stations about the prehistoric world.

A special tip for families: Legoland in Günzburg (approx. 70 km)

Young and old lego fans will have fun in the colourful world of the little blocks, for example in the Land of Knights and Pirates or in the Pharoah's Empire. There are also building actions, live concerts, show programmes and scientific experiments. 

If you have questions about excursions, we will be happy to help you at the reception desk.

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