Parkhotel Maximilian: Your hiking hotel in Allgäu

There are so many reasons that we’re your hiking hotel in Allgäu. A rich, green landscape of woods, meadows and fields with the blue ribbon of the Günz River flowing between them, crowned by the stately monastery: this is the scenery surrounding the hotel. It’s a call to go hiking. Lovely trails lead you through the Günz Valley directly past the Parkhotel. We will be happy to help you plan a hike and to provide you with a hiking map.

Father Sebastian Kneipp, the "water doctor", was christened in Ottobeuren. It was here that he discovered the healing powers of this rolling landscape. Let these powers do their work in the Kneipp Active Park. His philosophy combines the power of nature, especially water and healing herbs, with good nutrition, exercise and inner balance.  

Nordic Walking in Ottobeuren

If you'd like some exercise, try walking on the hiking paths or on the Nordic Walking Course in Ottobeuren.

Hiking hotel in Allgäu with rental bikes and Segways

Riding a bike in Allgäu is a delight. Most of the paths are level and easy to ride. And the hilly paths lend a change of pace and a lovely view of the mountains far away on the horizon. The "Günztal", "Kneipp" and "Glückswege" bike paths are especially charming. 

You can rent a bike directly in our hotel. And if you prefer an environmentally friendly tour without the exertion we also have 2 Segways.

Tour tips for your hiking holiday in Allgäu / Ottobeuren

  • Hiking with water therapy in the Kneipp Active Park in Ottobeuren
  • Hiking in Father Kneipp’s footsteps,  for example to Stephansried, his place of birth, or to Bad Wörishofen, his historical working place with bathing house, promenade and themed gardens
  • Hike to Katzbrui Mill from the 17th century, with a Mill Museum and delicious regional products (15 km)
  • Hike to the Kneipp spa town Bad Grönenbach (12 km) and visit the castle „Hohes Schloss” from the 12th century with its healing herb garden and Castle Active Park
  • Hike to Guggenberg with a lovely view of Ottobeuren
  • Hike to the"Schelmen Heath" on peaceful and diverse trails, with a view of the Basilica (and Kneipp facility at the Parking lot “Schelmenheide“)
  • Hike to the Geological Organ, an impressive natural monument that was most likely formed approx. 600,000 years ago during the Günz Ice Age
  • Nature Adventure trail "Günztal"  with 13 information stations about springs, beavers and biotopes (from the hiking parking lot „Obergünzburg“, 6km long)
  • Rock formations "Teufelsküche" (Devil’s Kitchen) in Ronsberg: enormous, wildly stacked rocks
  • Hiking on the "Jakobsweg" (Pilgrim’s road to Santiago de Compostela) in Bavarian Swabia or the Crescentia Pilgrim’s road, which is lined with works of art and honours the nun Crescentia, or on two local pilgrim’s roads that cross the Kurpark (Ulrichsweg and Marienweg to the Grotto of Lourdes or the Kalvarien mountain. 

Your hiking hotel in Allgäu with wellness

Relax your muscles after a hike in our wellness area with pool and saunas and soothing treatments

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