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Burrata & Paprika
Mozzarella with creamy center, roasted bell pepper,
marinated cherry tomatoes and basil pesto

€ 9

Flame kissed Salmon
lightly flammbéed file, young leaf spinach,
roasted sesame, lime-crème fraîche

€ 12

Allgäuer Beef Tatar
marinated, hand chopped local Filet.
Try it roasted on one side if desired

€ 17

Carpaccio di Manzo
thinly sliced beef filet marinated with olive oil and lemon,
roasted pine nuts, arugala and shaved parmesan

€ 15

Local Goat Cheese
with colorful roasted beets and salad greens
drizzled with pumpkinseed oil

€ 11


Allgäuer Beef Consommé
with pulled beef, noodles, and root vegetables

                               € 7

Cream of Spinach
topped with sautéed chorizo

€ 6

To Begin or in Between

Artichoke Dip
our two signature versions served with artisian bread
€ 9

Chicken Dippers
juicy strips of chicken breast in herbed parmesan crust,
pickled red onions with mustard-caper-aioli

€ 12

Antipasti Misti
our assortment of mediterranean specialties
served with artisian bread
€ 10

From the Grill

European-Style Beef Sirloin 250g

                                             € 19

American-Style Beef Sirloin 250g

€ 25

Allgäu Beef Filet (Local) 220g
     „Surf & Turf"

€ 30
€ 37

Allgäu Burger (Local) 220g
cheese, bacon, tomato, jalapeños, and bbq sauce

€ 22

Dry Aged Beef

Entrecôte (Local) 250g

€ 27
T-Bone Steak (Irland) 500g
for 2 persons

€ 45

Fresh Fish

Brook Trout
farm raised here in Ottobeuren

€ 16

Grilled Salmon Filet

€ 18

Side Dishes

creamed spinach

€ 4

grilled vegetables

€ 4
french fries with caper-aioli

€ 4


€ 4

green beans with bacon

€ 4

celery root purée

€ 4

sweet potato fries with caper-aioli

€ 4

baked potato with sour cream

€ 4

Salads & Co

Entré-Sized Salad Bowl
farm fresh salads served with radiccio, sweet carrots,
celery, shaved fennel, pickled red onions and local herbs
€ 14

Choose with  
+ Chicken Dippers  
+ Serano Ham and shaved Parmesan  
+ Jumbo Shrimp Scampi  
+ Grilled Allgäu Beef Strips (Local)


House Specialties

Allgäuer Forest Mushroom-Risotto
basil-parsely-pesto, shaved aged parmesan cheese

€ 14

Lasagne Maximilian
spinach, mushrooms, tomato, mozzarella,
and fresh leaf arugala

€ 14

Allgäuer Käsespätzle
creamy dumpling noodles with alpine cheese,
crispy roasted onions and fresh chives

€ 11

Braised Ox Cheeks
served with celery root-purée and green onions

€ 22

Corn fed Chicken Breast
served with Taggiasca-Olive-Risotto and grilled vegetables

€ 20


Lemongrass infused Crème Brûlée
with fresh fruits and berries

€ 7

Brownie Affogato
warm half-baked brownie, roasted haselnuts
smothered in fresh brewed Espresso
€ 8

Lemon Sorbet 
drenched with your choice of Vodka or Prosecco,
served with homemade candied lemon rind and fresh berries

€ 6

Sweet Tempations
...served with a hot beverage of your choice
€ 7


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