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A relaxing and fulfilling time-out in Ottobeuren

Welcome to our business and wellness hotel in Ottobeuren in Allgäu. Ottobeuren is a pure nature idyll – and one of the most popular sightseeing stops along the Upper Swabian Barockstraße. Just a short walk from the Parkhotel Maximilian Resort & Spa you will find the splendid late-baroque basilica, part of the Ottobeuren Benedictine Monastery which was founded in 764.

The priest Sebastian Kneipp drew the inspiration for his doctrine of good health from the scenic Günz Valley in which our 4* Superior Hotel is located. You can experience all the pillars of his health teachings nearby: Water, exercise, nutrition, herbs and balance.

At the entrance to the Kniepp Active Park is a quote: "Rncourage good health and inner well-being through your active participation. Return to everyday life strengthened in body and soul and with a feeling of inner peace."

"Strengthened in Body and Soul" – in the Günz Valley & in our hotel in Allgäu

We could hang this sign on the door of the 4-Star Superior Hotel in Allgäu. Everything here is aligned for your holistic well-being and reflects Father Kneipp's ideological pillars:


"Happy Trails" start at your 4* Hotel in Allgäu

The part of the 450-km-long Allgäu bicycle path that leads through Ottobeuren is called "Happy Trails". The name comes from Father Sebastian Kneipp who believed that the view of the green hills, wild rivers and landscape of Lower Allgäu makes visitors happy. Ride the "Happy Trails" on one of our rental bicycles, or hike or walk through the beautiful scenery on your holiday and enjoy!

Reach for the Stars on your Holiday in Allgäu

A "stairway to heaven" leads you to the Kneipp Active Park in Ottobeuren.  The public observatory puts you close to the stars. And the cross-country paths bear names like "Sun, Moon, and Star Path". Our Allgäu Hotel is located in a very special place. ... Reserve your room in Ottobeuren in one of the top hotels in Allgäu.

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