Our commitment to a greener future

Located in the idyllic setting of the Allgäu, we are surrounded by the beauty of nature every day, which motivates us to promote and implement sustainable practices. Our sustainable measures are an integral part of the experience we offer our guests and reflect our responsibility towards the environment.

Energy efficiency

Our hotel uses a modern pellet heating system, which enables environmentally friendly and efficient heat generation. By using energy-efficient lighting systems and effective heating and cooling technologies, we are continuously working to reduce our energy consumption and thus minimize our carbon footprint.

Waste reduction and recycling

Our waste reduction initiatives include extensive recycling programs and minimizing the use of disposable products. We also actively promote awareness and participation in recycling among our guests to help reduce waste.

Local and seasonal products

Our restaurant emphasizes the use of fresh, local and seasonal produce sourced directly from regional suppliers. By supporting local farmers and producers, we help to strengthen the local economy while minimizing the transport emissions associated with sourcing food.

Water protection

The protection of water resources is an important concern for us. We rely on water-saving fittings and efficient water management practices to minimize water consumption and thus promote the responsible use of this vital resource.

Green Room Option

With our Green Room Option, we offer our guests the opportunity to forego daily room cleaning and thus save water and energy costs. In return for their environmentally conscious decision, guests receive a drinks voucher. This option not only promotes eco-friendliness, but also allows guests to actively participate in our sustainability efforts.

Promotion of environmental awareness:

We strive to raise awareness of environmental issues and inform our guests about our sustainable practices. By providing information and promoting environmentally friendly transportation options and activities in the region, we contribute to a more sustainable and conscious travel culture.

Our mission is to create awareness of sustainable practices while providing a comfortable and welcoming experience for our guests. By integrating sustainable practices into every aspect of our hotel operations, we strive to make a positive impact on our community and the environment.